The peace symbol turned 50 years old in 2008. It is seen all over the world: on posters, at anti-war protests, on fashion runways. What does it mean? And where did this universal symbol come from?

In A CIRCLE AND THREE LINES, Ken Kolsbun, author of Peace, The Biography of a Symbol, explains its rarely known history. Following its path from a march in England through the turbulent 1960s to today, Ken explains the numerous meanings of and controversies surrounding this memorable symbol. People of all countries, races, and religions have been inspired by the peace symbol, using it to express hope and the desire for change. Now that it is everywhere, how many people know its original meaning? A CIRCLE AND THREE LINES challenges us to think about how we use the peace symbol, its future and our responsibility to protect it, as well as our planet.


BEYONDTHEDIVDE_POSTERRGBDirector of A CIRCLE AND THREE LINES, Jan Selby’s most recent film, BEYOND THE DIVIDE (2014), is a feature-length documentary about the courage to find common ground. Set in Missoula, Montana, BEYOND THE DIVIDE follows Vietnam Veteran Dan Gallagher and peace advocate Betsy Mulligan-Dague as they mend the decades of animosity left behind by the Vietnam War. Watch trailer